Legal Malpractice Case Summaries

  • Legal Malpractice: Initially a civil rights case was brought against Emerson Electric/Alco Controls for terminating an entire department of maintenance personnel case when the attorneys failed to file the suit in time resulting in the workers’ losing their rights to sue and having their case dismissed permanently from the court.

    A legal malpractice case was tried to a judge and the judge denied the claimants. An appeal was taken and the court recognized the right to a jury trial in a legal malpractice case when the underlying case was a non-jury trial and reversed the decision for retrial to a jury. The final result was a $250,000 settlement for the claimants.

    A railroad crossing case where the train was coming down the track in the bright sunlight at a lightly guarded intersection, and it failed to sound a warning prior to the intersection. My client was crossing at the time and was badly injured. The settlement offer when the claimant first came to me was $50,000 and eventually before trial, we were able to settle it for $400,000.

  • Product Liability case with a confidential settlement against a lawn mowing manufacturing company where they had a brush hog where the ignition on the brush hog leaked a spark into the gasoline tank of the brush hog exploding it and starting a fire on a large field of autumn corn. My client, an elderly gentleman, could not out run the fire was badly burned on his hands and legs. After depositions, on the courthouse step, the case was settled for approximately $300,000.

    Products Liability case were a scaffold caved in and the claimant crush his leg in a sudden drop. There was a large dispute over the proper jurisdiction whether it should be, Ohio or Missouri. Eventually, we obtained a $2,000,000 verdict and after two appeals the Court of Appeals, the case was finally settled with a confidential settlement between the parties.

    A legal malpractice case wherein my client, an entrepreneur and inventor, invented of a process for constructing ditches in highway and road construction projects and licensed to his employer. Because of a dispute of who was to pay fees for registering the patents on the process, the lawyers or the employer, the rights were not preserved. Suite was filed against both the employer and the lawyers, and eventually there was a joint settlement for approximately $1.4 million.

  • Legal Malpractice: Confidential settlement. A legal malpractice against a large law firm who failed to register my client’s stock options as part of his pension plan within six months after his termination required by his separation agreement. When he went to cash in the pension plan, it had become valueless because the options had not been registered as required. Litigation was brought against the law firm and a settlement was reached at approximately $435,000.

    Professional Negligence, Investment Advisor: Claimant purchased franchise through their investment advisor who was acting outside her scope of knowledge and was negligent in advising the franchise offering. She was getting into the franchise herself and oversold the product to her clients. It was a new franchise concept, totally untested, and it was out of business in a year. The claimant lost approximately $300,000 to $500,000 in the transaction. We represented one of the clients, and after an arbitration hearing, were awarded $250,000 as damages. There was a professional negligence case against the investment advisor.

    A legal malpractice case: Legal Malpractice case against an attorney and a law firm who failed to set forth protective security agreement in a buy-sell agreement of a travel business resulting in an approximate $450,000 loss to the claimant, who was selling the business. The case was settled on the day of trial favor of the client for approximately $250,000.

    A legal malpractice case wherein my client, an agent for country and western stars, found it necessary to sue two of her western stars for non-payment of their fees. The attorney who handled the case failed to file the law suits timely and failed to advise the client on how the case was going eventually having both of her cases thrown out of court. Two separate suits were filed against the attorneys for two separate clients. The case was tried to a verdict in the amount of $244,000 in one case and it was combined settlement with the other case for a total confidential settlement in excess well in excess of the verdict.

  • Abuse of Process and Malicious Suit: A confidential settlement wherein the clients were sued wrongfully by certain homeowners that bordered a subdivision. One of the developers was a man of African American dissent and there was an underlying feeling that the suit was brought for racial reasons. The suits were frivolous but after a long trial and very expensive legal fees it was eventually ruled against the homeowners. During that period of time, the market of 2008 had plundered and the value of the land had greatly depreciated. Suit was then brought against the homeowners and their attorney, and the case was eventually settled in a confidential settlement in favor of the developer and his contractor.

    A legal malpractice case that grew out of an automobile accident that occurred in the State of New Jersey. The local attorney thought the statute of limitations of 5 years applied to the statute in New Jersey which, in fact, it did not. The statute of limitations expired. This firm was hired to bring suit against that law firm. After a jury trial, a verdict was rendered in favor of the client in the amount of $250,000.
  • A medical malpractice case: My client presented himself to a dermatologist for lesions on his uncircumcised penis. The dermatologist failed to biopsy the lesions and treated it as a cist. After several months of painful treatment, the claimant reported to another physician who immediately biopsied the lesion and found it to be squamous cell carcinoma and had no alternative but to cut off the penis at its root. Suit was brought against the negligent physician, and after 2 days of trial, the case was settled in a confidential settlement.
  • A medical malpractice case: Wherein my client was treated by a psychiatrist who was over medicating the lady and unfortunately having taken sexual freedoms with her. She eventually committed suicide. The case was settled with a confidential settlement.

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