Bring The Person Who Wronged You To Justice

If you have been injured as a result of professional malpractice, you may have a distrust of lawyers. However, the only way to get justice and protect others from harm is to hold the person who wronged you accountable. That is how Allan Law Group can help.

Malpractice Cases Require Unique Care

My name is John J. Allan. I founded Allan Law Group with the goal of helping people who have been hurt by professional malpractice. This is a very particular field and requires special skills to be successful. To that end, I work to provide representation that is:

  • Tenacious. I pride myself on being completely dedicated to my clients. Whatever your situation requires, I will work to provide it until the situation is resolved.
  • Aggressive. With more than four decades of experience, I understand better than most that sometimes you have to push hard to get results. If your situation calls for aggressive representation, I will provide that for you.
  • Detail-oriented. The law requires a keen eye for detail. You can rest assured that I will bring my attention to detail to your case.
  • Honest. I am not a lawyer who is just out to make money, at the cost of your case. I will be straightforward with you and tell you what you may be facing, and if your case may not be worth the amount you think. This might affect your decision to bring a case at all.
  • Patient. Facing a lawsuit is complicated and sometimes upsetting. Bringing a malpractice case in particular can require going over details again and again. I want to make this process as easy as possible for my clients: I will listen to you patiently and work with you to make sure you feel comfortable.

Missouri law protects you from malpractice. However, you need the help of an attorney you trust to get the resolution to your case that you deserve. Learn more about my work and my background by clicking the link below:

Call Today To Get Your Free Consultation

It is no risk to you to call me: I offer free consultations. I will speak with you, look at your case and determine what you may be facing according to my professional opinion as an attorney with years of experience. To arrange your meeting, call my office at 314-626-5745. I am in St. Louis, but will travel to your home or hospital if necessary. You can also send me a message through my online contact form and I will respond as promptly as possible.